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About Mankindd Hospital

MANKIDD Hospital by the name of "Memorial Afsar Naseem Khatoon Institute of Digestive Diseases” is running in Hyderabad since 2013. The objective of the hospital is to Provide Modern Medicare Services at an affordable cost to the common people. MANKIDD aims at providing holistic health care services by providing cost-effective and quality medical facilities through modern allopathic medicine and simultaneously promoting such proven systems and personal interaction with each patient is maintained by the doctors of the hospital, who are serious practicum’s of the System and an effort is made to enable the patients feel that they are brethren and it is a privilege for the staff to be of medical service and quality of surgical services are provided at reasonable cost by expert surgeons of eminence in their own fields. The Hospital is equipped with the latest generation equipment and technology. The above health care alternatives are gentle and in tune with nature, and go a long way in providing long term health care, at an easily affordable cost to an individual. Since inception, the Hospital has seen different stages of healthcare evolution. The rich experience of yesteryears blended with the youthful energetic team of today is ready for more promising and service full years for a healthy society. We constantly strive to make a healthy environment guided by quality in health care delivery and comfortable work culture. Our proactive management keeps a watch for the smooth and efficient working of systems with a professional outlooks and a humane approach. We specialize in Digestive System, Stone Problem, Laparoscopic surgery, Endoscopy of Digestive System & Urinary System.